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Visions of War/Οψεις Πολέμου

WW II Tribute-Music:
Craig Armstrong-"Laura's theme", album "The Space between Us"

1.The Battle of Crete (20 May 1941-1 June),Greece
2.Operation Market Garden,Netherlands-(September 17- 25, 1944)
3.Naval Battle of Midway,Pacific Ocean(June 4- 7, 1942)

The Battle of Crete is unique in three respects: it was the first mainly airborne invasion in history;it was the first time the Allies made significant use of the decipherment of the german Enigma code; and it was the first time invading nazi troops encountered mass resistance from a civilian population.The battle introduced a revolutionary form of warfare and may have had a significant impact on the course of events of the Second World War. In light of the heavy casualties suffered by the parachutists, Adolf Hitler forbade further airborne operations. Crete was dubbed "the graveyard of the German parachutists."

Invadors (4,465 German graves only at Maleme cemetery) to over 15.000 totally.
The Allies(British,Australians,New Zealandians) lost 3,500 soldiers
Greek-Cretan casualties till the end of WW II:6,593 men, 1,113 women and 869 children

Η μάχη της Κρήτης(20 Μαΐου 1941- 1 Ιουνίου 1941) είναι μοναδική από τρεις απόψεις: ήταν η πρώτη εξολοκλήρου εναέρια εισβολή στην ιστορία, η πρώτη φορά που οι σύμμαχοι έκαναν ουσιαστική χρήση της αποκωδικοποίησης του γερμανικού κώδικα Enigma,ήταν η πρώτη φορά που οι Ναζί εισβολείς αντιμετωπισαν μαζική αντίσταση από τον άμαχο πληθυσμό. Η μάχη εισήγαγε μια επαναστατική μορφή εχθροπραξίας και μπορεί να είχε ασκήσει σημαντική επίδραση στην πορεία των γεγονότων του δεύτερου παγκόσμιου πολέμου. Λαμβάνοντας υπόψη τις βαριές απώλειες των αλεξιπτωτιστών, ο Χίτλερ απαγόρευσε τις περαιτέρω αερομεταφερόμενες επιχειρήσεις.Η Κρήτη ονομάστηκε "το νεκροταφείο των γερμανικών αλεξιπτωτιστών."

Γερμανοί(από 4.465 γερμανικοί τάφοι μόνο στο Μάλεμε μέχρι πάνω από 15.000 θύματα) Σύμμαχοι(Βρετανοί, Αυστραλοί,Νεο-Ζηλανδοί) 3.500.
Ελληνες-Κρητικοί μέχρι το τέλος του πολέμου:6,593 άντρες , 1.113 γυναίκες και 869 παιδιά

The width of the Territorial waters, with both sides currently possess 6 nautical miles (11 km) off their shores in the Aegean Sea. Greece has the right to unilateral expansion to 12 nautical miles, in both the Aegean and the Ionian seas, based on the International Law of the Sea. Turkey has expanded her territorial waters to 12 nautical miles in the Black and Mediterranean seas, based on the Law of the Sea,although Turkey has not signed the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.^Moreover,the Turkish Grand National Assembly passed a resolution on June 8, 1995, authorizing the Turkish government to use force if Greece attempts to broaden her waters to 12 miles(War Threat-Casus Beli)

The conflict over military flight activities has led to a practice of continuous tactical military provocations, with Turkish aircraft flying in the zones over which Greece has control (Athens FIR), and Greek aircraft constantly intercepting them and aircraft from both countries engaging in mock dog-fights. These operations often cause casualties and losses for both the Greek and Turkish Air Forces. Amongst the lost pilots are the well known stories of Nikolaos Sialmas, who was lost near Agios Eustratios island of Northern Aegean sea, the death of the Turkish F-16 pilot Nail Erdoğan, who was possibly shot down by a Greek Mirage 2000 in 1996,[5] and the recent death of Cretan Kostas Iliakis, who crashed after a collision with a Turkish F-16 as he was trying to stop a what was officially called a "spying operation of Turkey towards Crete" over the island of Karpathos at the South Aegean sea.[6]

-Aegean Dispute-The Greco-Turkish Cold War since 1974.

-Was it worth a human life?-Mehmet Ali Birand

25 May-National Missing Children's Day


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