Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Zulal"~Armenian trio polyphonic

Zinch o zinch dam loghvortin(what should Ι give to the swimmer?)
A young woman has lost her barrette in the sea.She tries to convince a young swimmer to fetch it by offering her belt and the necklace but it 's only her kiss that persuades him.

Μια κοπελιά έχασε την καρφίτσα των μαλλιών της στη θάλασσα.Προσπαθεί να πείσει ένα νιό κολυμβητή να της τη φέρει,προσφέροντας του τη ζώνη και το βραχιόλι της.Ομως τελικά μόνο ένα φιλί τον πείθει.

Listen to a pot-pourri
The village of Bingyol-Vijag(Fortune)-Im khorodig var(my sweet beloved) mp3~
Sari siron yaar(Sweetheart of the mountains)-Ororotsayin-ari eem soghak(Lullaby-come hither nightingale) mp3~
Gakav Tuhrav(The partridge flew-Η Πέρδικα πέταξε) Zinch mp3


Ecumene said...

'Zulal', meaning clarity, is an Armenian A Cappella Folk Trio,formed in 2002 whose original arrangements pay tribute to Armenia’s folk roots while forging imaginative harmonies that add a fresh energy to traditional repertoire. Keeping to the folk tradition, Zulal writes its arrangements in an organic style, using the simplicity of voice to capture the heart of Armenia’s rural music.

:-> Teni Apelian + Yeraz Markarian
+ Anaïs Alexandra Tekerian

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