Saturday, January 13, 2007

Slovenia (Gizdava song)

The composition,which was used in the TV advertisement entitled 'GIZDAVA' (conceited woman), is a vocal-instrumental arrangement of the folk song from Prekmurje(North-east Slovenian dialect): 'Ne orji, ne sejaj' (Don't Plough, don't Sow) μην οργώνεις,μη σπέρνεις; it has been recorded in the five-beat rhythm, which is one of the most archaic preserved rhythms in the Slovenian and also European territory.The lyrics sing about a girl who is as 'cute' and 'pretty' as a flower and, at the same time, conceited.(ματαιόδοξη,περήφανη,φαντασμένη) Why is she so? Because she is still unmarried(Author Barbara Pešut.) Producer:Jasna Hribernik

The new Slovenia promo spot now broadcasting on CNN. A project worth almost 800.000 euros, tells us an abstract story about Slovenia. Many professionals among advertisers are not quite sure if this is a right way of telling the “story” about Slovenia.(

The tolar was the currency of Slovenia from 1991 until 31 december,2006 though it will be legal tender until January 14,2007. It was divided into 100 stotinov.The name tolar comes from Thaler, and is cognate with dollar.))))))))((((((((( €Watch the new slovenian euro coins!


Ecumene said...

Pozdravljeni / Zdravo / Živio = hello!
Na svidenje / Zbogom = goodbye
Prosim = please
Hvala = thanks
Da No
Oprostite (mi) = excuse me
Veseli me, da vas poznam = nice to meet you
Ali govorite angleško,slovensko,grško? = do you speak ..
Ali imate …= do you have….
Rad bi … / Želim … = I would like ….
Koliko stane ? = how much does it cost?
Imate (prosto) mizo? = Do you have a (free) table?
(miza,nominative)Latin ,mensa ,spanish portuguese mesa
Kaj želite? = What would you like?
Čaj = tea
Kava = coffee
Pivo = beer
Črno / Rdeče / Belo vino = black / red / white wine
Račun, prosim! = The bill please!
Kje je … hotel? = Where is the ……..hotel?
(na) Levo = On the left
(na) Desno = On the right
Naravnost (naprej) = Straight Ahead
Je blizu / daleč? = Is it near / far?
Karto do …. prosim = a ticket to
Karto za …. prosim = a ticket for ,please

Jaz (ni)sem I am (not=ni)
On ona ono (ni)je He is
Mi (ni)smo We are
Vi (ni)ste You are
Oni –e –a (ni)so They are (not =ni)

Pesem(pesmi) = Song(s)
Slovenska narodna pesem
Slovenian popular song

Zakaj si gizdava ?
Why are you conceited ?
roža = flower
Ljubim te!= I love you
In Croatian,Serbian means (I kiss you) Volim te – I love you

Δυικός Dual number for two persons-- Midva(we both) vidva(you two both) onadva (they both)
Midva (ni)sva(we both are-not)

nič, O

ena, 1
dva, 2
tri, 3
štiri, 4
pet, 5
šest, 6
sedem, 7
osem, 8
devet, 9
deset 10

Slovenian Wikitravel phrasebook

trol said...

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Anonymous said...

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