Sunday, January 14, 2007

Katalena rock band~(Lucija,Lucija)

Lucija, Lucija,

müva dva se zemeva,

bogativa siva,

na guoloj slami spiva.

Plüg pa brana,

tou je najna rana,

glog pa ščipek,

tou je najni žitek.

(Slovenska Ljudska Pesem) folk song mocking a single woman who is old enough to be married.

»Lucija, let’s get married, we are rich, but we sleep on a straw. Plough and harrow are our wound, hawthorn and wild rose are what we live on.«

»Λουκία,Λουκία,έλα να παντρευτούμε,είμαστε πλούσιοι αλλά στο άχυρο κοιμόμαστε.Οργωμα και σβάρνισμα ειν' η πληγή μας.Mε τρικουκκιές και αγριοτριαντάφυλλα τη βγάζουμε.«



Ecumene said...

Vesna Zornik - lead vocal
Polona Janežič - keyboards, backing vocals
Tibor Mihelič - bass, backing vocals
Boštjan Narat - guitar, mandolin, backing vocals
Robert Rebolj - drums, percussion
Boštjan Gombač - clarinet, flutes, percussion, backing vocals

Forming of the group was quite coincidental. Coming from different musical backgrounds from more or less classic rock, folk, blues to trip hop the band members met in summer 2001 in a Slovene countryside village of Črmošnjice in Bela krajina. For a week they were playing different old Slovenian folk tunes discovered in the archives of the Ethno-Musicological Institute of Ljubljana.
Katalena deals with the legacy in folk music of the Slovene area, recreating and performing it in it's own way. The basic presumption to the work of the group is faith in the timelessness of the folk music, which is, according to the band's opinion, still a part of young people's lives and not as dead remains, but as a vital tradition. The goal of Katalena is to revive this tradition, give it a wave of fresh energy, to pull it out of the dusty national subconscious and publish it in a way that is at ease and unburdened. There are not many experiments of this kind in Slovenia and the result was a positive surprise. Katalena created a very special mixture of rhythms, temperament, of the old with the new. In their music heritage rock and ethno rhythms meet. A dash of jazz is added. In short: when making rearrangements, basically everything is allowed.

Ecumene said...

in May and June 1997, Ljubljana hosted the European Month of Culture when more than 250 performances took place in 50 days, involving 2,000 artists. One of the largest art events in Europe in 2000 was the European biennial of contemporary arts 'Manifesta 3', which took place from June to September in Ljubljana.

In 2012 Slovenia is going to share the European Capital of Culture with Portugal.

Ljubljana,Maribor,Celje or Ptuj…
candidate cities…..

Slovenia Cultural profile

Unknown said...

Anyway, from the Slovenian music scene I do prefer Laibach (named after the German name of Ljubljana).

From Wikipedia:
Laibach's method is extremely simple, effective and horribly open to misinterpretation. First of all, they absorb the mannerisms of the enemy, adopting all the seductive trappings and symbols of state power, and then they exaggerate everything to the edge of parody... Next they turn their focus to highly charged issues — the West's fear of immigrants from Eastern Europe, the power games of the EU, the analogies between Western democracy and totalitarianism. [Wolfson, 2003]

Ecumene said...

Yes they are good philosophers but of german style....


If I were culture ministress of Slovenia
I 'd choose ''Katalena.

Oh yes ..Ministers don't like
or don't catch misinterpretations................

Guten abend freund Vrennus , Küssen und Traume

trol said...

really liked this Katalena group :)
new soundtrack in the office hehe

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