Friday, March 16, 2007

Funny Greekisms-Angelo Tsarouhas

Tha sou allakso ta fota
I am gonna change your lightbulbs(I am gonna make your life difficult)
esy eisai eksypnos boufos
You ‘re smart goofy
Esy eisai touvlo
You are a brick(stupid)
Mas ta kanes mouskema
You ‘ve made us everything wet(you ‘ve made a mess of it)
Tha sou psiso to psari sta híli
I am gonna cook some fish on your lips(I am gonna torture you)
Tha se lysakso
I am gonna salt you to death
Koita na idheís
Watch so you can look
Tha sou sfirikso mia
I am gonna whistle you one(blow,slap)
Katse sta avga sou
Sit on your eggs(Mind your own business)
Eksi kai kseros
Six and dry(Shut up!)
Petahtike san tin pordhí
He popped up like a fart(He said something irrelevant)
Siga to prama,siga ta avga,siga ton polyelaio
Slow down the thing,the eggs,the chandeler(Big deal! So what?)
To exipno pouli apo ti miti piánetai
The smart bird gets cought by the nose
Nose(miti) in greek connotates also arrogance.
Psilomita,high-noised girl,arrogant
Similar to german colloquialism “hoch-näsig”
Tha fas ta moutra sou
You gonna eat your face-You are riding for a fall
Efage ta moutra tou He ate his face-He failed
Tha se katharíso
I am gonna clean you(I am gonna put you aside,kill)
Ton kako sou ton keró
Your bad weather!(damn it,go to hell)
Tha se horepso sto tapsi
I am gonna make you dance on the griddle
Tha sou kano ti zoi podilato
I am gonna make your life a bicycle
(to make someone’s life difficult)
Kátse mehri na fygeis
Stay until you have to go
Poly aera pire o kolos sou
Your ass got too much air in it(to rush to make something,quick to boast of)
Tha sou allakso tin (pisti)Panaghia
I am gonna change your (faith) Madonna(I am gonna torment you)

Evangelos Petros Tsarouchas (Born: Montréal, Québec, Canada) is an internationally known stand-up comic. Angelo Tsarouchas has been wowing audiences all over the world. Angelo has an instant likeability and an "every man" personality which combines a comfortable yet magnetic presence.
~ dad from Sparta,his mom from Mytilini)
~Video *It's all greek~Greek Canadians~

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