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Viva la Greco-Italiana Fraternità nella guerra ed amore

Ricordo ancor in fondo al cuor il lacrimar per te.t'invoco ancor in sogno con tuo volto tra i miei sguardi rubati al mondo sol' per te.Io saro per te un fiume di neve bianca che si sciogliera al sole dei tuoi occhi di primavera.Guarda mi ancora.

I still remember crying from the depths of my heart for you.I still call for you in my dreams your face among images stolen from the world, just for you.For you I will be a river of white snow melting under the brightness of your eyes in spring Look at me once more.

Aκόμα θυμάμαι βαθιά,
να κλαίω για σένα.Ακόμα καλώ το πρόσωπο σου ανάμεσα σε κλεμμένες απ' τον κόσμο ματιές μου,μόνο για σένα.Μόνο για σένα θα γίνω ποτάμι από χιόνι λευκό που λιώνει κατ' απ' τη λάμψη των ματιών σου την άνοιξη.Κοίταξε με ξανά.


Ecumene said...

The Greco-Italian War was a conflict between Italy and Greece from October 28, 1940 to April 6, 1941. It marked the beginning of the Balkans Campaign of World War II. Once Nazi Germany intervened the conflict is considered to be the Battle of Greece.
Benito Mussolini had grown jealous of Hitler's conquests and wanted to prove to his Axis partner that he too could lead Italy to similar military successes. Italy had already occupied Albania (Greece’s north-western neighbour) in 1939 and several British Commonwealth strongholds in Africa but could not boast the same victories of Nazi Germany. Mussolini, who regarded South-eastern Europe as lying within the Italian sphere of influence, decided to invade Greece.
On October 28, 1940, after Ioannis Metaxas rejected an Italian ultimatum demanding the occupation of Greek territory, Italian forces invaded Greece. The Greek army counterattacked and forced the Italians to retreat. By mid-December, the Greeks occupied one quarter of Albania, tying down 530,000 Italian troops. In March 1941, a major Italian counterattack failed, humiliating Italian military pretensions. The Greek victory over Italians was the first Allied land victory againtst Axis in Second World War, and have influenced the war's course of events.


Ecumene said...

On April 6, 1941, Nazi Germany reluctantly invaded Greece through Bulgaria to secure its southern flank. The Greek troops fought back with great tenacity but the Greek army was vastly outnumbered and outgunned, and it collapsed. Athens fell on April 27 and the British Commonwealth managed to evacuate nearly 50,000 troops. The Battle of Greece, however, is credited by some historians, such as John Keegan, as being "decisive in determining the future course of the Second World War" [3], because the invasion of the area made it impossible for Hitler and Stalin to come to an agreement on their respective spheres of influence.
Battle of Greece

Ecumene said...

Almost unknown outside of Italy, this event ranks with Katyn as one of the darkest episodes of the war. On the Greek island of Cefalonia(Ionian islands) the Italian ‘ACQUI DIVISION' was stationed. Consisting of 11,500 enlisted men and 525 officers it was commanded by 52 year old General Antonio Gandin, a veteran of the Russian Front where he won the German Iron Cross. When the Badoglio government announced on September 8, 1943, that Italian troops should cease hostilities against the Allies, there was much wine and merriment on Cefalonia. However, their German counterparts on the island maintained a stony silence and soon began harassing their Italian comrades, calling them 'traitors'. The German 11th Battalion of Jäger-Regiment 98 of the 1st Gebirgs (Mountain) Division, commanded by Major Harald von Hirschfeld, arrived on the island and soon Stukas were bombing the Italian positions. The fighting soon developed into a wholesale massacre when the Gebirgsjäger troops began shooting their Italian prisoners in groups of four to ten beginning with General Gandin. By the time the shooting ended four hours later, 4,750 Italian soldiers lay dead all over the island. But that was not the end for the Acqui Division, some 4000 survivors were shipped to the mainland for further transportation to Germany for forced labour. In the Ionian Sea a few of the ships hit mines and sank, taking around 3,000 men to their deaths.
The final death toll in this tragic episode was 9,646 men and 390 officers. Major Harald Hirschfeld was later killed by a bomb splinter during the fighting at Duklapass in Warsaw in 1945 after he was promoted to Lieutenant General. General Hubert Lanz, commander of the Gebirgsjäger troops, was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. He was released in 1951. In the 1950s, the remains of over 3,000 soldiers, including 189 officers, were unearthed and transported back to Italy for proper burial in the Italian War Cemetery at Bari. Unfortunately, the body of General Gandin was never identified.

In 2002, the investigation into this massacre was reopened in Germany and ten ex-members of the 1st Gebirgs Division, of the 300 still alive, have been investigated and may be charged. The youngest is 81 and the oldest is now 93. There is no Statute of Limitations for murder

KEFALONIA MASSACRE ( September, 1943)

Ecumene said...

When, in 1940, the Italians occupied the idyllic Greek island of Cephallonia they soon made the best of it, appreciating to the full the local delights while apologising to their unwilling hosts for being there at all.

Captain Corelli (Nicolas Cage) charms his men and the civilians with his kindness, love of opera, and hatred of war. Billeted at the house of the doctor (John Hurt), a humanitarian and religious sceptic, he wins his respect and the adoration of his daughter Pelagia (Penélope Cruz)


Nicolas Cage
Captain Antonio Corelli

Penélope Cruz Pelagia

John Hurt Dr. Iannis

Christian Bale Mandras
Irene Papas Drosoula
Gerasimos Skiadaressis Mr. Stamatis
Aspasia Kralli Mrs Stamatis
Michael Yannatos Kokolios (as Mihalis Giannatos)
Dimitris Kaberidis Father Aresenios (as Dimitris Kamperidis)
Pietro Sarubbi Velisarios, The Strongman (as Pedro Sarubbi)
Viki Maragaki .... Eleni, Pelagia's Friend
Joanna-Daria Adraktas .... Young Lemoni
Ira Tavlaridis .... Older Lemoni
Katerina Didaskalu .... Lemoni's Mother (as Katerina Didaskalou)
Emilios Chilakis

Captain Corelli's Mandolin (2001)Amazon

Ecumene said...

The character of Corelli was based on Amos Pampaloni, who now lives in Florence with his wife Marisa (he is 91). Although the novel's mandolin was a literary invention, Pampaloni was a master of mandolin, and like Corelli he was a captain in the 33rd artillery regiment of the Acqui division, sent by Mussolini to occupy Cephalonia. He fell in love with a Cephalonian girl, and participated in the first military action against the Germans after the Italian armistice; the execution storyline was also true.

What was not entirely true was the story's romance. In fact, the girl -- whom Pampaloni has never identified -- was an 18-year-old schoolteacher, and the relationship between her and Pampaloni (who was 33) was platonic, unconsummated and never reaching beyond the level of kissing and cuddling; Pampaloni says that this was due not only to their age difference, but also to the respect he held for the girl's father. The real Pelagia, he says, later married a doctor and moved to Athens.

Pampaloni published his memoirs in the magazine Il Ponte in the early 1960s. The memoirs were read by the historian Marcello Venture, who interviewed Pampaloni and subsequently published White Flag at Cephalonia in 1966; this in turn was read by de Bernières, who incorporated the events into his Captain Corelli's Mandolin, which was published in 1994 and has since sold nearly two million copies in the United Kingdom alone.


Ecumene said...

Russell Watson

who sings
Pelagia's Song in the Video

was born in Salford, Lancashire, England, November 24, 1966 is an English tenor who has released popular albums of operatic-style songs. In his 9 year career he has released four singles, five albums and another was planned for November 2006, delayed now until 2007 due to removal of a benign brain tumour.

Benign Brain tumour

In September 2006, Watson was recording his next album in Los Angeles. During the recording he complained of severe headaches and blurred vision. After a doctors visit in Los Angeles, he was advised that he had a developing brain tumour. He stayed in Los Angeles recording his new album for two days, while tests defined whether the tumour was malignant or not.
He returned to the UK, and had an emergency operation to remove the benign 8 centimetre lump at the St George's Hospital, London on Monday 24 September 2006. As the tumour was pressing against his optical nerve, the surgeon removed the tumour through his nose [5]. Watson's album, due out in November, will now be released in early 2007. But his UK tour in November and December is still expected to go ahead. [6]
Watson we readmitted to hospital on October 6th 2006 complaining of dizziness, headaches and blurred vision. He is currently undergoing tests in Manchester.[7]

Russell Watson

Ecumene said...

To all my wonderful fans ....

Thank you so so much for all your cards , letters and gifts . They cheered me up immensely .. All your prayers and kind words have more than proved that you are the best fans in the world ! I feel very grateful to have so many people routing for me, through what has been a very difficult and testing time for myself my family and my friends ...

Lots of love and best wishes

Russell xxx

Russell Watson's Site

Belinha Fernandes said...

Yes, I saw Captain's Corelli Mandolin. I caught a cold and saw it on TV on a Sunday afternoon!I saw almost every movie where Nichola's Cage stars.Did not read the book.

Benfiquista - portuguese Benfica's football fan. Yesterday Futebol Clube do Porto and Benfica played in Oporto. Futebol Clube do Porto won.

Benfica's colour is red; Porto is blue and white;Sporting wears dark green. These are the main portuguese football teams.

(Of course I still remember that Greece won Euro!!!!)

I like to watch a good game but I'm not too attaced on football.For years that I have some sympathy for Oporto's team.I also like the city where I lived shortly and where I would like to return.Look:

I really don't have a favourite sport.I think I would enjoy horse racing but we don't have it in Portugal.

Belinha Fernandes said...

Ergotelina: why isn't the link active like yours? How do you do it?It must be in a post to be active?I don't understand...

bidibis said...

Ο Νicholas Cage έπαιζε πράγματι μαντολίνο ή προσποιούνταν ότι έπαιζε. Πολύ ξενέρας πάντως είναι ο μαφιόζος.

Η άλλη από τότε που ξέφυγε από τις δαγκάνες της σαϊεντολογίας μου φαίνεται πολύ πιο συμπαθής. Η κίνησή της να παρατήσει τον κοντοστούπη αποδείχθηκε πολύ σοφή. Κρίμα για την Καιτούλα που χαντακώνεται με τον παλιόγερο. Αυτοί εκεί στη σαϊεντολογία θα πρέπει να εκπαιδεύονται σε πολύ αποτελεσματικές μεθόδους αποπλάνησης πιπινιών. Αλλιώς δεν εξηγείται...

Και εκείνος ο Τραβόλτας... Οδοντοστοιχία είναι αυτή, άνθρωπε μου;

Ecumene said...


Viva Vinho do Porto Uefa 2004 Campeões


Ofi-Aris 1-0....

Um beijo e boa semana

Ecumene said...

HTML uses a hyperlink to link to another document on the Web.

The Anchor Tag and the Href Attribute

bidibis said...

"Ofi-Aris 1-0...."


Μ' αυτούς ΄σουνα ρε; Πρόδωσες τα ιδανικά σου.

Καλά το λένε εκείνο το σύνθημα με το καταραμένο ΟΦΗ και την Κρήτη όλη. Ίδιοι είστε όλοι!

Ecumene said...


Make Love-Not Violence


Belinha Fernandes said...

Não necessariamente benfiquista!

Será que vai funcionar?!

FreeCyprus said...

Muted violence: Italian war crimes in occupied Greece

Lidia Santarelli
European University Institute, Florence

"Burning and destruction of villages, torture, rape, mass executions, civilian massacres: according to the author of an inquiry published in Athens in 1949, during the occupation of Greece by the Axis forces the Italians perpetrated so
many such atrocities against the civilian population that their detailed reconstruction would require a lengthy series of books (Magkrioti 1996: 184).

Thousands and thousands of pages would be needed to describe the grave infractions of international humanitarian law for which the Royal army was responsible from 1941 to 1943, during the 29 months in which they were the occupying power over two-thirds of the Hellenic peninsula....

During the period of Italian occupation, more than 3,500 inhabitants of the Ionian islands were arrested, deported or sent to concentration camps (ONHCG 1946). The testimonies of survivors describe the inhuman conditions of the prisoners in the camps of Paxi, Othoni and Lazarati. Among
the torments inflicted on the prisoners, in addition to hunger, thirst and insomnia prolonged for days and days, there were tortures of every kind, including pouring boiling oil on raw flesh and forcing pins and other sharp
objects under the fingernails...

Intellectuals, peasants, employees of the Greek administration, monks
accused of having offered asylum to partisans: all these ended up in the camp at Larissa. The prisoners lived in subhuman conditions, owing to the absence of
beds, saturation of physical space, overcrowding and lack of hygiene and medical assistance of any kind. Often, the demands of forced labour accelerated
physical decline to a fatal end. Food was distributed in absurdly small quantities, causing the camp population to be decimated by hunger, epidemics and death
by privation...Of the 1,100 Cretans interned in August 1941, at least half were dead by 1942...Between 1942 and 1943, by order of General Benelli, commander of the
Pinerolo Division stationed in Thessaly, hundreds of hostages repeatedly were shot in reprisal for ambushes, sabotage and attacks by partisan groups...By 8 September 1943, more than 1,000 hostages had been slain by firing squads inside the camp. "

FreeCyprus said...

"Make Love-Not Violence"




Deepak Gopi said...

:)Hi Ergo ti lina;
Do GREECE and Italy have enemity still?
Please inform me about some great films of Greece that had been acclaimed world wide.
Good Day :):)

dodo said...

Μιά από τις τελευταίες, μάλλον, ταινίες, με αυθεντικά (και όχι ψηφιακά) σκηνικά.

Ecumene said...


Thank you for the links
From the triple Axis-occupation of Greece during World War II
german and bulgarian
were much worse...

Elli cruiser was sunk during peacetime, on August 15, 1940, 8:25 am while she rode at anchor, by the Italian submarine Delfino near the island of Tinos. The Elli was in Tinos participating in the celebrations of the Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos. One of the four torpedoes fired hit the Elli under the one operating boiler and she caught fire and sunk. Nine petty officers and sailors were killed and 24 were wounded. The same submarine attempted to torpedo the passenger ships M/V Elsi and M/V Esperos anchored in the port. This attempt failed and only a section of the port's wharf was damaged by torpedoes.

Fragments of the torpedoes were recovered, and identified as Italian in origin. The Greek goverment however, trying to avoid a confrontation with Italy at the time, announced that the nationality of the attacking submarine was unknown, an act that did not prevent the Greco-Italian War two months later, and did not convince the Greek people who were well aware of the real perpetrator.

After war, as compensation for the sinking of Elli, Italy gave Greece the cruiser Eugenio di Savoia which was commissioned in June 1950 for the Royal Hellenic Navy with the name Elli. She served until 1973. Since 1982, a Standard Class frigate, F-450 Elli, the lead ship of the Elli class bears the same name.

Greek cruiser Elli

Ecumene said...

No enmity

Greek Italy - Una Fazza Una Razza
Article By: Juliana de Angelis
Much of Southern Italy was colonised by Greeks 2500 years ago, and these areas form what we still know today as Magna Grecia (Greater Greece). As a result, Southern Italy became a centre of Greek culture, music, and language for hundreds of years. Greece has in the past also been occupied by Romans and Italians. To this day, we can see the Greek influence in Italy, and Italian influence in Greece, through architecture, music, food and language.


It is no wonder, then, that Italians and Greeks have a saying "Una Faccia Una Razza" (pronounced una fatsa una razza in Greek)! ( Translated literally, it means "one face one race" and refers to similarities and history that Greece and Italy.)

Greek Italy One Face One Race

Ecumene said...

καλά ειναι και τα ψηφιακά εφφέ...


An Οscar awarded film (1991)

World War II. An Italian ship leaves a handful of soldiers in a little island; their mission is to spot enemy ships and to hold the island in case of attack. The village of the island seems abandoned and there isn't a single enemy in sight, so the soldiers begin to relax a little. Actually, the island isn't deserted and when the Greeks understand that those Italians are harmless, they came out of their hiding places in the mountains and continue their peaceful lives. Soon the soldiers discover that being left behind in a God-forgotten Greek island isn't such a bad thing, after all...


Unknown said...

It should be also noted that after the Armistice between Italy and the Allies numerous Italian soldiers joined voluntarily the Greek Resistance!

Anonymous said...

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